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The Team Behind TNT

We’ve been helping clients in the United States change the way they look and feel since 2000. Our experience and holistic approach to health and fitness will have you feeling great in no time.

TNT Coaches & Trainers

A healthy lifestyle starts with a fit body. As your Personal Trainer, we will identify your fitness goals, design a program that fits your needs and lead you through every workout.

What are you waiting for? We are here to help. Put on those trainers, pack your bag and let’s start your fitness journey. Reach out today.

Tim Thompson


Owner / Nutrition Coach / Prep coach/ NSCA Certified Personal Trainer @ Animal House Gym, New Berlin WI / NPC Judge / NQ Heavy Weight Bodybuilder

My name is Tim Thompson, and with over 20 years behind me as a competitor and mentor in the fitness industry, my mission is to expand my knowledge to get you on the ride to becoming passionate about permanently changing your body for the better.

Being a part of the TNT team requires hard work and dedication, but the numerous clients who have already been successful as a part of my team know that with the nutrition coaching and exercise plan we provide... you will reach your goals.

Many find ease in the fact that whether you are a seasoned bodybuilding athlete (and wish to join the ranks of the clients I have turned pro), or are a complete beginner, I have already helped countless clients in your same position.

I am so proud of the team of coaches and athletes that we already have; and I am proud of every single member who is considering using our services to help reach their goals.

~Tim Thompson

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Personal Trainer / Ace Certified Personal Trainer / NPC Figure Competitor

Hi guys! My name is Alexis Koval, but most people call me Lexi or Monster for short. I was born, raised, and currently live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

After years of treating my body like garbage, and seeing what damage I was doing to it, I quickly decided that I needed to make a change. 

After my first show, I carried my passion for health and fitness into college and decided that I wanted to directly help others who have felt like the younger version of me. Whether that was not knowing where exactly to start their fitness journey, or being seasoned lifters who wanted some extra help changing their training program. 

TNT has not only changed my life, from being an athlete and a trainer, but has changed other lives as well. There is no better feeling than knowing I’ve had some sort of impact on someone’s life; big or small.

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Personal Trainer/ ACE Certified Personal Trainer/B.S. Exercise Science/ NPC Figure Competitor

Fitness and health started as a hobby but very quickly became my entire life. My sophomore year of college I traded in binge drinking with my friends for a gym membership and never looked back since then. After struggling for a long time to figure out where I belonged in the world, I finally felt at home. Since finding my passion for fitness I have graduated with a BS in Exercise Science, obtained an ACE personal training certificate, and continue to learn under the mentorship of Tim Thompson and the TNT team.

Nothing brings me more joy then seeing people reach their goals and having a hand in that process is incredibly rewarding. I genuinely feel like I have the best job in the world and I love what I do!

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